Perdido Bay United Methodist Church
Monday, September 01, 2014
Sharing the love of Jesus
PBUMC Church Leadership
Council 2014
 Dave Dorsett, IV
 Chairperson Elect
 Jerry Patee
 Terri Jaburg
 Financial Secretary
 Sandy Brooks
 Joseph McNair
SPRC Team  Leader
 James Hamilton
Trustees President
 John Harold
Lay Delegate to Conference
 Bobbie Westerman
 Jim Schweizer
Lay Leader (Alternate delegate to annual conference)
 John Wilson
Director of Missions
 Pete King (interim)
 Amy Whitwell
Disaster Response Coordinator
 Gage Woodward
 Larry Coleman
Non-Voting Members of the Council
Senior Pastor
Dr. Darren McClellan
Associate Pastor Pastor Levi Gardner
Recording Secretary
Karen Stanmore
Business Manager Flor Cruz
Program Ministries Director Rae Menard
Children's Director
Jenna Stitzel
Director of Youth
Josh Brown
Nursery Director Hiroko Williams
Preschool Director           Bridget Simpson
Facilities Director  
Redemption Store Team
Sandra Hoffman
2014 Leadership Teams
John Harold, Chair
Class of 2014
Mike Whitner
Jerry Patee
Phyllis Clayton
Lewis Ott, Emeratis
Class of 2015
David Jewell
John Harold
Beth Enbody
Class of 2016
Brian Barr
Brook Agers
Bill Barnes
Staff-Parish Relations Committee
James Hamilton, Team Leader
Lay Leader: Ken Whitwell
Lay Delegates: Bobbie Westerman, Jim Schweizer
Class of 2014
Joey O'Neill
Ron Holland
Dave Dorsett, III
Class of 2015
James Hamilton
Danny Head
Melanie Thrasher
Class of 2016
Jim Buchli
David Hausner
Stephanie Barbee
Committee on Lay Leadership (Nominations)
Dr. Darren McClellan, Team Leader
Class of 2014
Dave Enbody
Steve Whitley
Jeannie Patee
Pattie McVay
 Class of 2015
 Judi Williams
 Steve Crowdus
 Keith Davis
Class of 2016
Bob White 
Shannon Wright
Finance Team
Joseph McNair, Team Leader
Lay Delegates
Bobbie Westerman
Jim Schweizer
Church Council Chairperson
Dave Dorsett, IV
SPRC Team Leader
James Hamilton
President of Trustees
John Harold
Lay Leader
John Wilson
Terri Jaburg
Financial Secretary Sandy Brooks
Stewardship Team Leader
Amy Whitwell
Business Administrator Flor Cruz
Jill Berman - 2014
Larry Bowden - 2015
Curtis Mitchell - 2016
Missions Board
Pete King (interim), Missions Chair
Lay Leader: John Wilson
Lay Delegates: Bobbie Westerman, Jim Schweizer
Class of 2014
Caroline King
Bobby Presley
Jennifer Hausner
Class of 2015
Sid Thomas
Jeannie Patee
Mark Andrews
Class of 2016
Rob Alford
Lisa Crowdus
Les Cunningham
Leadership Team & Group Details
Church Council                                                     
Directed by the Chairperson and the Pastor, develop an annual calendar for the Council to study and direct the needs of the church, plan and carry out programs, recruit and train leaders and provide for the necessary financial support of the church.
Finance Team
Committee shall receive budget requests from other areas in order to prepare and propose a budget to the Church Council. Budgets should be annualized; however, they may be modified when recommended by the Finance Team and approved by the Church Council
Staff Parish Relations
The team shall be the contacting agency to meet in consultation with the Bishop and/or District Superintendent to consider pastoral appointment. They shall be the agency for recruiting, contracting, hiring, evaluating and terminating all church employees. In addition, they shall interpret the expectations, goals, responsibilities and duties of the pastor to the congregation and interpret the same from the congregation to the pastor.
The Trustees under the supervision of the Charge Conference and Church Council, administrate trusts and capital debt obligations of PBUMC; provide care for all real church property and major items of equipment; develop a plan for the acceptance or rejection of and administration of gifts or real property and assure adequate insurance protection for the property and liabilities of PBUMC.
Lay Delegate to Conference
Leader must be willing, able and committed to attend pre-Conference training sessions and all session of the Annual Conference. Must be familiar with the work of the District and Annual Conference in order to interpret this work to the PBUMC and be vitally involved in the work of PBUMC.
Lay Leader
The Lay Leader takes a leading role in the spiritual and administrative functions of PBUMC; provides general guidance and direction to the congregation; works with the Church Council and the pastor to involve lay men, women, youth and children in the total program of the church; serves on the Church Council, Finance Team, Staff-Parish Relations Team and other teams as specified.
Women of the Church
Formerly United Methodist Women whose purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ and to develop a creative supportive fellowship. 
United Methodist Men
The mission of the United Methodist Men is to help men grow in Christ, so others can know Christ. 
Youth Representative
The team is charged with the responsibility of managing the missional work of PBUMC; including reviewing all proposed mission projects for approval or revision. They shall inform and educate the congregation as to the Missions being supported by PBUMC to include those supported through our apportionments.
Witness Group
The primary task of the Witness Ministries is to ensure that the congregation reaches out to people with the good news of Jesus Christ and receives them into its care so that these people may develop a relationship with God and live as Christian disciples.
Nurturing Group
The primary task of the Nurturing Group is to address the concerns and conditions of the people of PBUMC and community so that they may grow in their spiritual life and become better equipped for life as Christian disciples.
Outreach Team
The primary task of the Outreach Ministries is to address the concerns and conditions of people in our community and across the world so that the quality of life may be improved for all.
Visioning Team
The mission of the Visioning Team is to discern God’s vision for PBUMC and recommend it to the Church Council for implementation.
Stewardship Team
The mission of the Stewardship Team is to lead the congregation members to know and experience firsthand the freedoms and the joys of tithing and to teach people about and offer them plenty of opportunities to get involved with the ministries of the church. 
The primary task of the Historian is to collect and maintain documents and pictures of PBUMC events. 
Worship Team
The Worship Team assists with services by creating enhancements when appropriate to the text of the sermon, being responsible for alter preparation and communion, while giving supplementary support to ushers, greeters, music and other functions of Sunday morning services.
Disaster Response Team
The primary task of the Disaster Response Team is to maintain an active list of volunteers for immediate response to hurricanes and other natural disasters, including but not limited to communications, facilities maintenance and ministry/counseling. 
Prayer Team
The mission of the Prayer Team is to meet as Intercessors for weekly prayer concerns and coordinate National Day of Prayer, other prayer days and submit prayers for the Sunday bulletin and monthly newsletter.  
Endowment Program
The Endowment Program is established for the purpose for providing members and friends opportunities to make charitable gifts to PBUMC for permanent endowments of financial support and that can be living memorials. The Endowment Program is intended for purposes not generally funded through the annual operating budget of PBUMC and the regular giving of its members.

Safe Sanctuaries Board

The primary task of the Safe Sanctuaries Board:
Although it is our fervent hope and prayer that child sexual abuse does not occur in our programs, we must put into place sufficient mechanisms to reduce the risk of abuse of children, youth and those who work with them. For that purpose, our church shall implement the Safe Sanctuaries Policy of the Alabama-West Florida Annual Conference, approved June 2007.
Lay Representative of Preschool/After School Care Ministries
The primary task is to work closely with the Director of Child Development as a liaison to help ensure that the Preschool and After School Care ministries remain a vital component within the overall mission and decision-making of the church.